Huntingdon Valley Fire Company History


The 1910s

The Huntingdon Valley Fire Company was organized in June 1911, and the fire equipment consisted of a hand drawn chemical truck with 500 feet of hose. The first piece of apparatus was purchased on October 11, 1911 at a cost of $550.00. After four months of vigorous fund-raising, the company was able to purchase a two-wheeled cart with a tank and hose. Without the aid of modern technology, fire alarms sounded on a donated iron wheel. The iron wheel was used to sound the alarm by hammering it with a sledgehammer. Volunteers from the community would hear the ring of the iron wheel and would respond to the firehouse.

On November 25, 1912, plans for a new firehouse were approved. The 20×28 foot building with terra cotta walls and slate roof would cost $1,556.00. The new firehouse would be located on Red Lion Road. In addition to a new firehouse, hose, helmets and rubber coats were also purchased. The cost of each new helmet was $3.60 and the rubber coats cost $4.75 each.

On June 9, 1913, after two years of work, a charter was documented with 15 members signing. The official name of the company would be The Huntingdon Valley Volunteer Fire Company #1.

In 1917, the Bryn Athyn and Huntingdon Valley Fire Companies signed a mutual aid agreement, whereby both companies would respond to all but the most minor fires in both their communities.

The 1920s

The growth of the community in 1928 was such that there was a need for a modern piece of apparatus. Again, the residents were solicited for funds and on April 22, 1928 the decision was made to purchase a new, 1929 Hahn Chemical truck at a cost of $3,600.

The 1940s

The Township was growing rapidly and so was vehicular traffic. The members saw the need for traffic direction around the fire apparatus. On May 9, 1946, the first fire police group was organized.

The fire company now has two modern fire trucks, but no way to communicate with the firehouse or the other apparatus. The addition of two-way radios in each truck and the firehouse was completed on August 17, 1948. This also enabled the fire company to communicate with other fire companies in the surrounding areas.

The 1950s

On April 12, 1952, plans were discussed with the township commissioners to build a new firehouse at a cost of approximately $60,000. The new firehouse would have one large bay door. The width of the door could accommodate three fire engines abreast. There was also a tower for drying and storing fire hose and a large meeting room. The contract was awarded to Fred Herwig of Huntingdon Valley and the building was complete by May 20, 1953.

The 1970s

Also during this time, the township witnessed the construction of its first multi-story residential buildings. The fire company was now in need of equipment to reach the upper floors of these buildings. The new truck, which was delivered January 10, 1974, was a 1974 Snorkel rear mounted 85’ aerial platform that cost $99,400. This truck was much larger than any other that they had at the time and an addition to the firehouse was needed to house it. The addition was completed on April 12, 1973.

The 2000s

In 2011, the fire company celebrated a milestone event, 100 years of service to the community and surrounding areas. Our centennial celebration included an appreciate night for members past and present, along with the publication commemorating the 100 year history of the fire company.

In the years to come, the fire company has seen many technological advances and improvements to apparatus, emergency dispatch equipment and personal protective equipment. The department which started with started with 15 volunteer members has grown to boast over 100 volunteer members. Some with as many as 50 years of active service to the community.


The fire company patch and motto is “Service. Honor. Courage.” The men and women of the Huntingdon Valley Fire Company truly exemplify these qualities with their selfless commitment to volunteerism and community.