Interested in serving your community as a member of the Huntingdon Valley Fire Company?

We are actively looking for new members to join the Huntingdon Valley Fire Company. Below are 3 main categories of opportunities. Please use the form to be contacted for an application or stop by any one of our drill nights, which are Monday evenings at 7pm.

Junior Firefighters: The Junior Firefighter Program is for teens between the ages of 16 and 18. As these members reach 18 years old, they become eligible for full firefighter membership.  Our goal is to give them a chance to see what firefighters do and to learn the basics before taking  Firefighter I.  We are looking for individuals that are willing to work as part of a team, be able to serve in a professional manner, and be able to attend the regular trainings and meetings.

Firefighters: For those 18 and older, a new member would join as probationary exterior firefighter, attending regular trainings and meetings, and learning the basics before taking the required Firefighter I class. Upon completion of FFI, members are interior qualified to perform all tasks and responsibilities expected of a firefighter on a fireground scene.

Fire Police: Members of the fire police work in support of fire operations, ensuring the safety of the public, emergency scenes and hazards, and emergency responders.

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